Top Career Skills You Develop With Online Learning

By  //  October 4, 2021

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Degree education provides you with a range of specialist skills and experience to take into the workplace. However, outside of the everyday aspects you learn throughout your education, there are some underestimated soft skills that future employers look for. 

Explore some of the most common skills you learn while studying for an online degree.

1. Awareness of industry insights and trends 

Online degrees such as those at Point Park University Online teach you a wealth of information to complete your studies. Plus, they show you how to develop research and analytic skills geared towards the field of work.

Being connected to the work you do and showing passion for learning and discovering more about the industry is sought-after by potential employers. It also helps that you know where to find reputable resources and valuable information. 

2. Technical skills

Technology is everywhere, and it’s something everyone has to grasp at university and in the work environment. While many employers provide training on internal systems, if you have mastered the basics beforehand, you’ll already have a foot in the door. In addition, online learning offers a variety of technical skills that transfer to jobs.

For example, using webinar software gives you an insight into video conferencing and communication at work. Plus, project management tools provide a foundation in how businesses manage teams and workloads. 

3. Self-motivation 

When you take an online degree, you are showcasing your willingness to learn and develop your skills. While studying, other attributes are displayed, such as discipline, which helps you meet deadlines and schedule adequate time to study for exams. Employers want to see this skill in action and appreciate the dedication needed to study alongside work commitments. 

4. Working in a team in a variety of environments 

Long gone are the days of sitting for hours behind a desk in a corporate office. While this will still be an important part of working environments, it’s no longer the only way to work. Employers recognize that flexible ways of working are better for morale and accessibility.

The pandemic has also shown the need for versatile working environments. That said, if you can already work well in a remote location and show your skills by working in a team via virtual methods, that’s always a winner for employers. Online learning provides this foundation and gives you a chance to work with peers and faculty virtually to complete projects and assignments. 

5. Excellent communication skills

Distance learning equips you with a host of learning techniques. You’ll explore face-to-face work with peers over video conferencing and discuss learning objectives and issues with faculty.

Knowing how to communicate via these methods offers a solid foundation for handling different types of audiences. The skills you learn here are transferable to the workplace and give you the opportunity to improve further. 

Types of communication skills you learn during online study include:

 Active listening


 Adaption for different audiences

 Articulation and tone

 Body language and cues