4 Benefits of Using Cloud Storage

By  //  November 11, 2021

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It is important to store all your documents, files, and data in one place, especially if you are a business. There is nothing worse than losing important documents or even worse, client details. Cloud storage has multiple benefits, but these are our top 4 we think you would benefit from.

1. Multiple users 

The whole point of cloud storage is to create a place for multiple users to share and find documents. There are three types of cloud storage, these are private, public and hybrid. Depending on the type of business you own or work for, you can select the one best suited to you.

Private storage enables your documents to be hidden and only be viewed by those who are given access, whereas public storage will let you share documents with a much larger audience. Some companies need to have both these options, so they will go for hybrid storage. For example, banks who need to keep some customer details completely private like card details but may have some other documents that can be more publicly accessed. 

2. Cost effective 

Cloud storage can speed up your everyday admin tasks, although you will have to take into consideration the time it takes to migrate all your files onto the cloud, there are many cloud migration strategies out there that could possibly help you. In the long run, using cloud storage could save you lots of money if you happen to let your employees work remotely instead of in an office.

With cloud storage, you can save and share your files in one place and you won’t need to be sat next to each other in an office, this can save you on overheads and electricity bills.

3. Security 

For many companies, security is key and keeping documents safe is crucial, no matter what industry you work in. Cloud storage in particular can provide you with a safe place to keep your files and if you would like it to be extra safe you can go for private cloud storage. 

4. It’s a convenient way to share files 

When you are working in a team, it can be so much faster to save a file in the cloud for someone else to access instantly, of course this depends on syncing and Wi-Fi but in most cases this will be fast. There will be no time spent attaching files to emails or sending them, they can all be popped into folders in the cloud.

This also keeps documents neat and means everyone is on the same page with what they have access to. However, if you are recruiting new employees, they might need training on the cloud, but this shouldn’t take too long and will be worth it. 

If you haven’t already started using cloud storage, there is no better time to get started than now. These are the benefits we think are most important, but there are a lot more than 4 when it comes to cloud storage including disaster recovery, usability, scalability, and many more!