Top Business Naming Tools 2022

By  //  November 22, 2021

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Although naming a business is potentially considered to be a fundamental part of starting up a business or venturing into a small business enterprise. According to the US Small Business Administration, a likely successful business name should possibly reflect the identity of the brand that business owners could be trying to market all while contributing potential insight to consumers on the goods and services that are available on offer. 

There are many factors to take into consideration when deliberating a business name since it gains insight and is the first interaction a consumer or customer has with the business.

Business owners may utilize online digital business naming tools that could potentially make this process easier, as well as safeguard brand exclusivity and authenticity. Apart from the overall branding objective, business owners probably need to secure domain names for their businesses to develop a potential online presence in order to increase possibly inherent brand popularity. 

Business owners and eager entrepreneurs looking to formally establish professional entities like limited liability companies (LLC’s), could possibly be utilizing online tools and try ZenBusiness as well as other companies alike to ensure their domains are available by using online tools like a domain name checker to display all available business domains to confirm whether or not business owners can use the name they so wish to use.

Online Business Name Generators

Business owners who inherently go the traditional route of brainstorming business names for possible hours on end could eventually come up with a desired name, only to find out that after doing some research, the name is taken or the domain is unavailable to create their online presence in the future.

In the modern digital age, almost all processes have become automated, even naming a business. Online name generators have the likely capacity to serve as a creative outlet for entrepreneurs to discover suitable and creative business names at affordable rates.


Although ZenBusiness does not have a built-in automated name generator, it offers a useful and valuable service of checking domain name availability. Once business owners have settled on a name, they may likely want to ensure that other business owners or entrepreneurs do not steal their name before launching their company.

This company offers a beneficial business naming tool since it allows business owners reservation of their respective business names before officially forming a new entity. However, it is essential to take into consideration that name reservation regulations and processes may differ according to the residing registered state of the business. 


Wix, which is already possibly considered to be a commercial website generator, also offers a business name generator that has the capacity to automate business name brainstorming by digitally creating available business names. 

All business owners or entrepreneurs are required to do is to enter in a short two-word business description, and the technology automates the process, subsequently generating brandable and unique business names which are ready to use. 


FreshBooks is originally understood to be a cloud accounting tool for small business owners looking to automate daily accounting and financial tasks. However, this digital business tool also offers a free branding tool that has the likely ability to generate business names.

The FreshBooks name generator initially starts the automation process by having potential business owners select their industry and one specific keyword describing the potential business. Once completing the two simple steps, business owners could be shown multiple available and unique business names available for their use.

Final Takeaway

Branding may be deemed to be a challenging task when starting a company, and most branding tactics require a unique and creative business name to go forward with.

According to research, potentially great brand names could possibly create a coveted experience with a consumer, customer, or client since it is the first intercommunication tactic the outside world has with the establishment. 

It may be assumed that business name generators could potentially play a critical part in the business formation process since they allow for an accessible and alternate avenue of resources for business owners to utilize in order to discover and implement brandable business names for their specific business.

With online companies that offer these services for affordable rates, these aspiring company owners could quickly get the hassle of naming their businesses out of the way.