WATCH: Brevard County School Board to Hold Final Meeting of 2021 on Tuesday

By  //  December 14, 2021

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meeting begins at 5:30 p.m.

ABOVE VIDEO: The School Board for Brevard Public Schools held a regular meeting in Viera on October 12, 2021.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The School Board for Brevard Public Schools is scheduled to hold the final regular meeting of 2021 in Viera on Tuesday.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. from the Educational Services Facility located at 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way in Viera.

Coverage of the meeting can be seen on Space Coast Daily TV.

Meeting Agenda

A. Call to Order
1. Call to Order
A. Roll Call
2. Roll Call
A. Moment of Silence
3. Moment of Silence
A. Invocation
A. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Pledge of Allegiance
A. Entertainment
A. Board Member/Superintendent Recognitions
5. Board Member/Superintendent Recognitions
A. Adoption of Agenda
6. Adoption of Agenda
A. Ancillary Item
A. Administrative Staff Recommendations
7. Administrative Staff Recommendations
B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests/Staff
C. Resolutions/Proclamations
D. Presentations
D. Facilities Services
8. Independent Citizens Oversight Committee Annual Report to the School Board
ICOC Annual Report to the School Board 2021.pdf
ICOC Annual Report 2021 final.pdf
E. Public Comment (Agenda Items)
9. Public Comments (Agenda Items)
F. Consent
F. Board Office
10. Meeting Minutes
2021-1110 Special SB meeting.pdf
2021-1116 BWS and RDW.pdf
2021-1116 Leasing Corporation.pdf
2021-1116 Organization and Regular School Board Meeting.pdf
2021-1110 BWS (ARP).pdf
11. 2022 Board Meeting Calendar Amendment
Board Approved Meeting Dates 2022 Amendment.pdf
F. Financial Services
12. General Fund Budget Amendments for October 31, 2021
General Fund Budget Amendment #2 – October 31, 2021.pdf
13. Financial Statements for Period Ending September 30, 2021
Financial Statements for September 30, 2021.pdf
14. Annual Comprehensive Financial Report – June 30, 2021
2021 ACFR Nov 29 Final.pdf
15. Property Disposal
Board Report 12-14-2021.pdf
Board Report Letters 12-14-2021.pdf
F. Human Resources
16. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Instructional Staff 12-14-21.pdf
17. Support Staff Recommendations
Support Staff 12-14-21.pdf
18. Specialist – Safety & Security Support Personnel
F. Labor Relations
19. Approval of the Brevard Federation of Teachers 2021-2022 Collective Bargaining Agreement with Brevard Public Schools
TAd language-clean copy.pdf
F. Office of Professional Learning and Development
20. School Year Calendar Standards and Proposals for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 School Years
2022-2023 District Calendar .pdf
2023-2024 District Tentative Calendar.pdf
F. SLL Acceleration & Enrichment
21. Reproduction Health and Disease Education Materials
F. Head Start Program
22. Head Start Governing Board and Policy Council Reports for the Months of August and September 2021
August 21 PC and GB Monthly Report.pdf
Sept 21 PC and GB Monthly Report.pdf
23. Head Start 2020 – 2021 Annual Report and Program Information Report (PIR)
20 21 Head Start Annual Report_ with links (11.12.21).pdf
24. Head Start Non-Completive Five-Year Grant – Intent to Apply/Write
04CH010481 – Notice of Preliminary Non-Competitive Determination (1).pdf
F. Project Management
25. Riviera Elementary School – HVAC Renewal – Award of Bid – SALES SURTAX
Riviera chillers bid tabulation with bids.pdf
26. Educational Services Facility – Building Envelope Renewal – Construction Management Services – SALES SURTAX
ESF Door Replacement GMP Attachments.pdf
27. Johnson Middle School – Construction Management Services – SALES SURTAX RENEWAL
Johnson Roof GMP Attachments.pdf
28. Mims Elementary School Cafetorium – Construction Management Services – RFQ 22-176-Q-DR
RFQ 22-176-Q-DR Agreement – Mims ES Cafetorium signed.pdf
29. Clearlake Education Center – Construction Management Services – SALES SURTAX RENEWAL
Clearlake Intercom – GMP Attachments.pdf
30. Gardendale Alternative Learning Center – Construction Management Services – SALES SURTAX AND SALES SURTAX RENEWAL
Gardendale Intercom – GMP Attachments.pdf
31. Ralph M. Williams, Jr. Elementary School – Construction Management Services – SALES SURTAX AND SALES SURTAX RENEWAL
Williams Intercom – GMP Attachments.pdf
32. Appoint School Board Representative to the Brevard County Local Planning Agency
33. 2021-2022 to 2025-2026 District Facilities Work Program
Work Plan District Report Draft 211202.pdf
34. Surfside Elementary School – Construction Management Services – SALES SURTAX RENEWAL
Surfside AHU GMP Attachments.pdf
F. Legal Services
35. Outside Legal Counsel Contract
Doc#_46651580_v_1_Brevard County Public Schools – REVISED Outside Counsel Contract (002) Bur Forman.pdf
F. Approval of Consent
36. Approval of Consent
Items Pulled for Discussion
G. Action
G. Procurement and Distribution Services
37. Department/School Initiated Agreements
a – 22-303-BW-CC Marine Lab District.pdf
b – 22-349-BW-CC – Education Exp & Universal.pdf
c – 20-742-A-JE – FL Gulf Coast University.pdf
d – 22-310-A-WH – Snap & Read.pdf
e-22-357-A-KR – Third Amended and Restated Lease Agreement with Brevard Production, Inc. and The Viera Company.pdf
38. Procurement Solicitations
a – 22-109-B-JE – Fire Alarm Monitoring Service.pdf
b – 21-575-P-JE- Interpreter Services.pdf
G. Human Resources
39. Policy 3220 – Evaluation of Personnel
Policy 3220 Packet for Upload (ap under separate cover).pdf
40. Policy 8141 – Mandatory Reporting of Misconduct by Employees
Policy 8141 with Coverpages For Upload.pdf
41. Policy 8710 – Insurance
8710 – Policy Package to Upload.pdf
G. Elementary Office of Leading and Learning
42. Policy 2520 – Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials
Policy 2520 with Coverpages to Upload.pdf
43. Policy 2521 – Instructional Materials / AP2521 New Worlds Reading Initiative
2521 & ap2521 Policy, AP Packet to Upload.pdf
44. 2021-2022 Student Progression Plan for Brevard Public Schools
2021-2022 SPP Revisions.docx
2021-2022 Student Progression Plan 9-20-2021 draft without track changes.pdf
45. School Improvement Plan
46. Approval of Florida High School for Accelerated Learning-Brevard County
10.27.21 Florida High School for Accelerated Learning – Brevard Inc. (Clean 10.27.21) (1).doc
G. Project Management
47. Attendance Boundary Change Proposals
Apollo to Imperial Estates.pdf
Apollo to Imperial Estates Public Comments.pdf
Meadowlanes to Discovery.pdf
Meadowlanes to Discovery Public Comments.pdf
Delaura Satellite to Cocoa Beach.pdf
DeLaura Satellite to Cocoa Beach Public Comments.pdf
Heritage to Bayside.pdf
Heritage to Bayside Public Comments.pdf
G. Legal Services
48. Board Policy 0169.1 Public Participation at Board Meetings
0169.1 Public Participation at Board Meetings – Updated Agenda Package 2nd Rev 11.2.21.pdf
H. Information
H. Secondary Office of Leading and Learning
49. Mathematics Textbook Adoption
H. Elementary Office of Leading and Learning
50. Mathematics Textbook Adoption
I. Staff Reports
J. Board Member Reports/Discussion Points
51. Board Member Reports
52. Discussion – Melbourne High School Renaming [Policy Changes and MHS Renaming Application] – Susin
K. Superintendent’s Report
53. Superintendent’s Report
L. Student Discipline
M. Public Comments (Non-Agenda Topics)
54. Public Comments (Non-Agenda Topics)
N. Adjournment
55. Adjournment