Why Website Design is So Important and Tips to Improve

By  //  December 2, 2021

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We are currently living in a digital age that has completely changed the face of marketing from what it used to be. The world has shifted from traditional media-driven marketing to online social media strategies and the reason for this is because people are spending more and more time on their computers and mobile devices than ever before.

It has been reported that people are spending well over 2 hours a day on their devices which makes digital marketing a natural progression.

With all that being said, it is important to prioritize your website design and if you do not understand why this should be a priority, this article will list a few reasons why it’s important as well as a few tips on how you can improve your website design.

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Increases SEO ranking 

The first reason why you want to prioritize your website design is that it has been shown to increase your SEO ranking. The reason for this is that your website design has a direct effect on the user’s experience. Poor web design typically has a lower SEO ranking which results in your site showing up much lower in the search so ultimately you want a good web design so that your SEO ranking is improved.

This will make you more visible to your target audience, as Finsbury Media points out on their page, which can be viewed here. The most vital aspect is having a responsive web design. 

Creates consistency 

Another reason why your online web design is important is because it helps build consistency across your page and you can use this to enable your audience to become familiar with your brand so that you become their first choice. Branding is important in this day and age.

You want your site to have the same font, style, and layout across every page on your website because different designs on each page look unprofessional and make it challenging for you to build up your brand recognition.

You need your audience to associate color and theme with your brand so that it is recognizable and your website is a great way to do this. The bottom line is that if you lack consistency, people will just choose another website that has a more professional look. If you want to earn more conversions, in the long run, you must prioritize your web design. Remember, humans, are drawn to things that look good. 

First impressions are important 

When someone visits your website, they will have their first impression of your business. Naturally, they will also judge your business based on what your website looks like so you need to make sure that the first few seconds that someone spends on your website makes an impactful first impression.

Outdated and unappealing websites leave a bad first impression and will most likely result in the person leaving your page which sabotages your chances of getting leads. Prioritize your website design so that it can have a positive influence on how your audience perceives your business. This will encourage them to stay on your page. 

Make your site easy to navigate 

People are turned off when they are inconvenienced so you want to ensure that your website is easy to navigate. This is one of the most important elements of a good quality web design. Users want to access information easily and quickly so if you want people to stay on your page, be sure to implement easy navigation.

Do not let your audience struggle to find information, instead give them an easy navigation bar that will direct them to the information that they need. You must remember that the attention span of the visitor is short so to keep them on your page, allow information to be easily accessed. This all boils down to properly-designed navigation. 

Less can be more 

Lastly, stick to a simple and minimal design. Less is always more because websites that are full and that look cluttered can be overwhelming for viewers which can encourage them to leave.

Busy web designs also reduce loading time which will result in you losing visitors to your site and it will also negatively impact your SEO ranking. Opt for a design that is clean, simple, and easy to navigate.