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SIT DOWN WITH STEVE: Musical Phenom Jacob Velazquez, 14, Diagnosed With Form of Autism Called PDDNOS

Fourteen-year-old Jacob Velazquez talks with Steve Wilson in the latest edition of “Sit Down With Steve.” Velazquez, a multi-talented musician has appeared on such shows as America’s Got Talent and Good Morning America, and has collaborated with artists Kenny G., Andrea Bacelli and others. Velazquez, who was diagnosed with PDDNOS, a form of autism, at an early age, has been involved in helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities. He talks about this and much more in this exclusive interview. […]

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Palm Bay Police Telecommunicator Kent Devault Retired After Nearly 25 Years of Dedicated Public Service

Palm Bay Police Telecommunicator Kent Devault retired after 25 years of service to the citizens of Palm Bay as a dispatcher, with 17 of those years as a shift supervisor. The majority of his career was spent on the midnight shift and he was well known for his calming voice, wealth of knowledge, and assurance of making sure our officers went home after every shift. […]

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