How To Create an Impressive Essay?

By  //  June 9, 2022

Essay writing is an important part of most university studies. It is impossible to measure how important they are. Many students are stuck with their papers and don’t even know where to start their writing, and how even to present them well. It might seem a great choice to hire essay writer for your needs, but first, you need to know all the steps of making a great paper to receive one. 

You need to use all the creativity you have to perform a unique paper, providing your readers with complex analysis and individual thoughts. So, here you will learn some tips that will help you make or get a successful essay. 

Create a Plan

It is one of the most time-consuming steps, but the one that will provide you with all you need — making up a plan. And it is not about only structure. This step is the most important for all types of essays. 

First of all, you have to complete the list of sources you are going to use. Put the most important ones first, coming down to the least important and cited. 

Then the structure is also important. You have to visualize your text first to see what it would look like to your potential reader. Make up the priority in your text and define, which parts would be the most important.

With a topic, your main goal is to start thinking about the overall look of the text and make a mind map that would contain all your thought and plans. 

Create a Clear Structure

The creation of a structure is an important step in starting working with your essay. Your first need is to provide a logical step-by-step plan of your text, answering the questions you provide in your essay. 

You have to provide three main paragraphs that include all the necessary information. The first one is the “Positive” one. Positive paragraphs have to include information that enhances your position on the given topic. 

The second paragraph includes another “Positive” part. This way, you have to show more arguments that would express your opinion on the topic. You have to give even more facts to make it a little twist for your reader. 

The third part is the “Opposite.” In this part, you have to show that you understand the researched topic clearly, and don’t make any mistakes, only proving your opinion. You have to provide the examiner with some opposite theses that will show the other side of some event. 

These three parts can also be extended. You can use more “Positive” parts and more “Opposite.” But make sure that they both will give your clear insight on some topic. Having two “Positive” and two “Negative” parts would create an image of internal discussion but not research. 

Enhance Your Paper With Quotation

Writing your thoughts only will not give you an opportunity to get a successful essay. You have to prove your points of view with some quotes and sources. 

Even writing an essay about some school poem requires references. Provide a quote discussing a certain part. Of course, your examiner has read that poem, not even once, but you don’t have to be oriented on him only. In writing an essay, you have to look further and think about people who are unaware of the topic. Giving a quote support a respectful tone of the research, which would give your reader more information. 

Use Different Literary Techniques for Expression

The expression of your thoughts is important. Writing dry facts is never forbidden, but your main task is to make your text unique. You can try using: 

■ Parallelism. Slight movement from one definition to the other, underlining the importance of both of them. 

■ Tautology. Using different words to describe the same item. It would make your text way more interesting for the reader. 

■ Polysyndeton. Use plenty of different conjunctions in a sentence to underline the value of each one of them. 

■ Alliteration. It is like an opportunity to show your creativity. This way, you will use words starting from the one letter in one sentence. 

■ Anaphora. A great way to underline a particular point of your text. The example is: “It was the time of darkness”. 

Of course, it is not necessary to use every single one of them. No text became more successful when people tried to stick all these literary methods together. But you can try using at least one or two, which will make the perception of your paper even better. 

Be Unique While Expressing Your Thoughts

To write an essay, you have to do all your best to find a way to express your opinion uniquely. Moreover, this issue is quite common for many students when the whole class is given the same topic. This way, you have to find something unique. 

Try finding another approach to your text

Finding another approach will give you more than enough space to express of your thought. You never have to be locked in borders of the “teacher” thinking. And try to avoid thinking about “what someone would expect.” 

In fact, many people think that their examiners only want to see some straight and positive though about some event. But that is not true. For example, you may be given an essay “The main war issue described in Saving Private Ryan Movie.” Many people would say about the war itself, about common people coming there. 

On the other hand, you can try moving the other way. Saying, for example, about the given orders in the movie, you will be able to create a great and well-proved discussion, but with other facts and arguments. 

Or else, you can come up with a discussion of the mercy issue, which will be even more unique there.

Don’t be afraid to use some controversial thoughts. It will be even more interesting for your audience, and your overall text will have a great chance to start a discussion.

Using structure features to make your text unique

Sometimes, it is quite impossible to provide a thought that will be fully unique about some topic. This way, you have to give some text updates. 

Brainstorm for ideas. You have to know what arguments would be used by your mates and how to avoid repeating them. This way, you can try to use some unobvious quotation, which would underline the same opinion, but with other words. 

Moreover, try using the literary features above. This way, you can use all the same arguments, but your essay would be the winning one because this way, your text would be more interesting to read. 

The Conclusion

Writing an essay is a challenge, no doubt. But there are ways to make this task less exhausting and more interesting. 

The main issue of students is that they are stuck under the pressure of their thoughts, and they may think that their examiner wants to get some straight paper with one certain point of view.

The main benefit of an essay is a platform for your ideas and thoughts, which can be presented the way you would like to. 

Be unique, use literary features, and don’t be afraid to come up with some controversial thoughts and points. And this way, you will provide a successful paper that will provide you with much positive feedback.