Kidney Failure – Causes, Signs and Treatment

By  //  June 30, 2022

Kidneys are organs that are located in the lower region of the abdomen. Kidneys perform one of the most important tasks of your body which is blood purification. Your blood contains many toxins in it where each cell and tissue will secrete out its waste products which are eventually carried by the blood into the kidneys where it gets purified.

Eventually, these toxins along with water go to the bladder and eventually are passed out of the body when you urinate. 

In this article, we will consider the case of a chronic kidney condition that is kidney failure. This is the condition of the kidneys where the kidneys will completely lose the ability to filter out and undertake the blood purification process. 

Many causes may increase the chances of you having impaired kidney function and these include-

 Severe kidney infections

Kidney diseases

Use of certain medicines such as overuse of Fildena 150

Addictions to alcohol, and drugs

Less blood flow to the kidneys

Trauma and painful injury to the kidneys

What are some of the symptoms of kidney failure?

Just like any other disorder having kidney failure also comes with some evident symptoms. And most of these symptoms are easy to observe. 

Here we provide you with the entire list of the commonly occurring symptoms of kidney failure disease-

Reduction in the amount of urine

Pain while urinating

Swelling of limbs such as the legs, ankles, and elbow joints

Shortness of breath

Severe fatigue 




Pain the stomach

Chest pain


You see generally the earliest symptoms of kidney failure would be pain while urinating, low amount of urine, and swelling of limbs. 

You can also probably guess that you are suffering from kidney failure by looking at the color of the urine. Generally, people suffering from severe dehydration are prone to kidney failure and in most cases, you will see dark yellowish or orange-colored urine.

Understanding some of the reasons for kidney failure

Now that you have got some idea regarding the symptoms it is now time for you to understand some of the reasons why people may end up suffering from this grave disorder. Not only this kidney failure may provoke other health complications due to which you may need to take pills such as Vidalista 60

Stoppage of blood flow to kidneys

Your kidneys may stop receiving blood flow from the heart. Now although it seems quite astonishing it can occur due to various pre-existing disorders such as heart attack, heart diseases, liver failure, dehydration, nerve problems, atherosclerosis, and infections such as sepsis.

Stoppage of secretion of urine

Under some circumstances, your body will lose the ability to pass urine. This may eventually develop due to various types of cancer such as prostate cancer, colon, and cervical cancer. 

In other conditions occurrences of kidney stones, enlarged prostate glands, and severe damage to the blood vessels that surround the kidneys. 

Other reasons for having kidney failure

Several other reasons may create such a severe disorder in patients. Some of the other causes include- 

Blood clots within the glomeruli or the filtering units of the kidneys


Heavy metal poisoning

Severe addictions to drugs and alcohol

Inflammation of blood vessels and arteries surrounding the kidneys

Lupus is an inflammatory condition of the kidneys due to some form of infection or occurs due to the presence of a harmful bacteria or virus inside the kidneys

Glomerulonephritis is again an inflammation condition in the minute blood capillaries within the kidneys

A hemolytic uremic syndrome is a bacterial infection occurring within the kidneys

Certain use of chemotherapy drugs used during cancer treatment-

Use of certain antibiotics

Severe type-2 diabetes

High blood pressure



Treatment for kidney failure


This is one of the most common but powerful forms of treatment. Here you are solely to rely on the use of a dilator machine that is attached to the kidneys. People depending on the severity of kidney failure may need to undergo dialysis one or more times within a week. This is the highest severity form of kidney disorder. 

Kidney transplant

This is a highly expensive form of treatment where a person would be acting as the donor of a kidney to the affected patient. This is a highly complicated form of surgery that requires the skill and experience of highly competent doctors in this field. Once kidney transplant surgery is successful you will no longer have to depend on dialysis. 

Other homely remedies

In the above section, we have started the two most common forms of curing kidney failure. Along with this patients can also consider some side-by-side treatments that are easier to follow and most include Fildena Double 200mg making certain lifestyle changes. 

These include dietary changes, reducing the amount of alcohol intake, avoiding the use of drugs, and so on.