WATCH: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit Takes Down Perp After He Tries to Kick Sheriff’s Dog

By  //  August 8, 2022

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ABOVE VIDEO: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office released a video that showed the exchange between the K-9 unit and a suspect wanted for a credit card skimmer scheme and proceeded to try to kick one of the K-9’s responding to the scene Friday night.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – When are these criminals going to learn that Brevard County is not the place you want to commit a crime and its certainly not the place you want to kick a law enforcement K-9?

This past Friday night Marios Stoean learned that lesson the hard way after he tried to retrieve a “credit card skimmer” that he had previously installed on the ATM at one of our local banks.

What Stoean didn’t know was that we had already retrieved his little skimming device from the ATM and our Economic Crime Agents were covertly waiting for him to return.

When he did, our Agents approached him and that’s when he made the worst mistake of his life, running from our Agents.

Fortunately, K-9 Deputy Adam Steuerwald and his dog “Waylon” quickly responded to the scene and began tracking the suspect from the bank to a heavily wooded area just off 524 near Industry Blvd.

K-9 Waylon ran the track for quite a while and just before becoming completely exhausted, narrowed the search down to an area immediately adjacent to a residential neighborhood.

That’s when K-9 backup arrived in the form of K-9 Deputy John Hubinger and his world famous dog, K-9 Lars who was deployed in the immediate area.

Well as you can see and clearly HEAR in the attached video, K-9 Lars quickly took care of business, finding Stoean in the woods and showing him exactly what happens when you kick one of our K-9’s while refusing to comply with our commands to stop resisting!!

After acting all gangster-like by trying to steal our citizen’s hard earned money and then running from our Agents, Stoean screamed like a little baby when K-9 Lars helped take him into custody as he took a bite, okay well actually a few bites out of crime.

Stoean was transported to the Brevard County Jail on various charges to include Defrauding a Financial Institution, Criminal Mischief, Resisting Arrest, Loitering and Prowling, and Striking To Harm a Police Animal.

Stoean’s total bond was originally set at $26,000. However, one of our great Brevard Judges added $10,000.00 to his initial bond because of his actions to try and hurt K-9 Lars!!

And if that’s not enough, wait there is even more to this story as Stoean is not legally in our country and is currently under removal proceedings.

I’m not sure exactly what that means but here is a novel idea…if he is in our country illegally, then throw his sorry butt out of the country, because as you can see he is victimizing thousands of our citizens and stealing their money!!

Well regardless, the moral of this story is…don’t break the law in Brevard County, don’t flee from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, and above all else don’t kick one of our dogs, unless of course you want K-9 Lars to tell all his doggie friends that you taste like chicken!