Tips and Ideas for Home Décor

By  //  September 15, 2022

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If you are looking for a way to get started on much-need home decor, we have a few suggestions and ideas for home décor to help you out. These small additions can enhance the ambiance of your home and generate good vibes. 

1. Faux Plants & Trees

Taking care of actual plants can be a hassle. A one-time investment in good quality faux plants is cheaper than long-term care for plants. Faux plants can seem equally real and last longer.

The vast variety of faux plants at JB Saeed Studio, including beautiful orchids, palm trees in different sizes, and artificial desert dudleya succulents can be a beautiful addition to dressing tables and dining rooms. A touch of greenery in every room can definitely be a game-changer. You can place large plants such as rubber plants and cacti in dining rooms near windows to make them seem more real. You could also go for simple plants in bedrooms to bring about life and freshness in the ambiance. 

2. Pots and Vases:

Speaking of plants, add them in attractive pots and to enhance the theme of your home. The range varies from shiny and luxurious looking to plain, classic pots to give off a contemporary look. For visual aesthetics, experiment with hanging flowerpots, vases, and ceramic pots available at JB Saeed Studio according to your preference.

These pots/vases can be used in multiple ways, with or without flowers and plants, and can be placed at the center table, side table, or on a shelf as a decoration piece.

3. Garden Accessories:

A unique and fun addition to your terrace can be a swing. Swings can give off a warm and cozy look in terraces, small or big, along with providing a view of the outdoors. However, the idea of swings is no more limited to outdoors. Indoor swings are in vogue, they bring in a display of fun and uniqueness in home interior design amongst the typical furniture. Simple and sturdy swings, like those at JB Saeed, will make your bedroom or dining room seem elegant and modern.

4. Living Room Accessories – Console Tables:

A console table is a trendy piece of furniture these days. These are put up in hallways, the dining hall, or the living room. However, just putting up the table is not enough, and without any decorations on it would make it seem bland. According to your liking, you can lay out decoration pieces, artwork, or small potted plants on the console table, but remember to keep it simple to maintain its elegance. A console table is a great way to express your individual creativity and add to the home’s aesthetic.

5. Rugs and Carpets 

A home decor without including rugs or carpets seems incomplete. They are basically a decoration for your floor. Traditional and European rugs (at JBS) with plain, basic sofas in your living room can enhance the colors in your room. Not only do they add to the aesthetic but also provide stability to your furniture. Furthermore, the size of the rug impacts the room they are in—the larger the rug, the more spacious the room. Rugs and carpets with intricate designs are also being used as wall décor that facilitates a stunning and distinct home design.

6. Wall Hangings – Frames

Liven up the walls of your staircase by adding photo frames as a wall-hanging décor. This gives a personal touch in your home. Dull-colored walls or plain doors can be brought to interest by putting up quoted wooden frames, door tags, or ‘welcome’ or ‘home sweet home signs. Another wall-hanging décor idea can be of putting up a collection of vintage photos or plaques. Even using traditional rugs as wall hanging will help bring color to your living room.

7. Scented Candles

Home interior design does not have to be limited by only adding things you can see. Olfactory sense is the strongest sense and home décor seems incomplete without scented candles. A soothing, pleasant smell can elevate your mood and make you feel relaxed. These come in a variety of fragrances (cinnamon, coffee, orange, berries, etc.) and in different sizes, shapes, and jars that can be placed anywhere around the house. 

8. Door Handles/Main Door Handles

Improve the first impression on entering the house by adding a creative touch to your door handles—the main door especially. The variety of door handles at JB Saeed are durable and practical, yet also sophisticated and stylish. Choose a door handle that perfectly balances with the color of your door yet also manages to stand out.

Home décor can seem like a taxing task that, if done incorrectly, can negatively impact the ambiance of your house. Instead of buying extra furniture for redecoration and making a haphazard mess, use the above-listed unique ideas for home decor to brighten the environment around you.