Markets1 Review: Better Online Trading for Beginners

By  //  January 20, 2023

More people start trading and investing online every day- and new digital broker platforms appear daily to accommodate them.

However, not every online broker is the right fit- especially for someone looking to develop their skills and kick start what they hope could become a long and prosperous trading journey. 

This review aims to highlight one possible platform that seems to tick all the boxes for beginners looking to get into professional-style trading. It is generally a well-respected and much-loved online broker service amongst all kinds of investors- including those with years of experience-but shines particularly bright in its support of new entrants to the industry.

Here is a quick review of the things that make Markets1 tick, how well they work, and a few general things worth knowing about the platform before setting up an account.

 Getting to Know Markets1

Markets1 has been around for a few years. It started as a simple stock trading app and has grown to become an industry-leading general trading and investment platform.

It is a paid program with no free version, but the monthly subscription fees are reasonable, and there are no hidden costs. 

The platform is designed for laptops and PCs- although there is a mobile version in the developing stages right now that makes more functions available through tablets and smartphones.


  • Secure, private, and safe to use
  • Professional design
  • Excellent training and development options
  • Versatile payment systems
  • No additional costs
  • Fast and reliable


  • Mobile version is not yet fully developed
  • No access from some countries
  • Slow registration for new users
  • No free version

 Using Markets1 As a Beginner

A huge part of Markets1’s culture centers on training people to understand the realities of trading- rather than sucking them in with false promises and unrealistic statements like some other apps. It encourages newbies to get serious about learning the ropes and building real skills through various programs and support tools.

There is a virtual platform for new users to practice, explore, learn, and make mistakes- all free from any real risk. It is backed up by recorded webinars and tutorials with experts as well as a library of study materials for people to download and read as they please.

Another way Markets1 works well for newbies is by streamlining the controls and displays in the user interface. Some platforms can feel intimidating- especially ones as professionally designed as Markets1- but it manages to maintain an approachable and accessible feel by keeping things simple yet sophisticated.

 What Support Is Available?

On top of the built-in support, there is also a dedicated and friendly customer service team that works around the clock to quickly answer questions or address concerns.

They are extremely knowledgeable about the platform and the industry in general- and are easy to reach through email. 

Users can also request a call with an account manager or broker- and they are automatically connected with one during the account setup process. 

Across the board, Markets1 users feel that the platform supports their needs more than sufficiently. 

 Trading with Markets1

 Available Markets

  • Stocks and shares
  • CFDs
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Commodities

  Types of Reports

  • Live price trackers for FOREX and crypto
  • Historical data reports
  • Tailored analytical reports
  • Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual numbers are shared automatically (Depending on the account type)
  • Personal transaction history
  • Real-time trend tracking
  • Much more!

  Payment Methods

  • Bank cards (Visa or Mastercard- credit or debit)
  • Bank transfers (international)
  • Digital wallets
  • USD, Euro, GBP, Yen
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum

Withdrawing Funds

  • Bank transfers (international)
  • Digital wallets
  • No fees for paying subscribers


  • One device per account at a time
  • Laptop or PC
  • Limited access from tablets and smartphones (through mobile version)
  • Stable internet connection required
  • The device must have a recent software update
  • Restricted in some locations (see terms and conditions)

 Review Closing

Markets1 is an impressive platform- and not only for beginners. It is well-rounded, professional, efficient, and reliable- with versatile investment choices and plenty of opportunities to become a better, more informed, and more confident investor. 

Go to the Markets1 website now to find out how to subscribe and set off on a new financial adventure.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.