How to Make Facebook Reels That Attract an Audience?

By  //  March 21, 2023

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The popularity of short vertical videos started with TikTok and then Instagram in the form of reels. In 2022, Facebook even launched the reels feature worldwide.

Of course, you can get free Facebook likes to grow your audience by implementing organic growth strategies and even leveraging growth tools.

However, with the launch of this feature, you can use it to your advantage and attract the attention of a wider audience. Therefore, in this article, we’ll share eight Facebook Reels tips, so you can grow as an influencer or business quickly.

What are Reels on Facebook?

Facebook Reels, similar to Instagram Reels, are short-form vertical videos up to 60 seconds long. You can use the available tools in it, like music, effects, and audio clips.

You can find Facebook Reels in your menu, feed, and even groups since Facebook wants everyone to use this feature.

When creating a Facebook Reel for the first time, you may be unsure how to create one successfully. You can either upload a pre-recorded video or record one through the Facebook Reels section.

You can add audio clips, music, text, stickers, effects, green screen, speed up or down your video and even leverage the timer feature.

8 Tips for Great Facebook Reels

When creating the right kind of Facebook Reels for your audience, you should remember that the Facebook algorithm will favor videos already getting noticed, such as likes, shares, and comments.

Hence, you should create videos that are attention-grabbing and informative or entertaining. Here are the top 8 tips you can implement to create viral Facebook Reels.

1.    Make Sure Your Videos are High-Quality

It’s essential for you to create high-quality videos. You can interpret the term “high-quality” in two ways.

Firstly, make sure that you film with a decent quality camera that is stable while filming, and the microphone can also record the audio without any distortion. Your video should be filmed in a well-lit space.

If the viewers aren’t able to hear you or see your video clearly, how do you expect to get any engagement in the first place?

Secondly, your Facebook Reels should be high-quality in terms of the content it is supposed to deliver. If it’s supposed to be an educational video, make sure people actually get educated and learn something new from you.

If your reel is supposed to be entertaining, it should leave the audience laughing or at least bringing a smile to their face.

2.    Keep Your Reels Short

Although the Facebook Reels are already short enough (up to 60 seconds long), you should keep them even shorter. Aim for around 15 to 30 seconds.

With a plethora of content available on social media platforms, people have a short attention span and want to digest more content in a short period.

Keeping your videos short and to the point will help your Facebook audience actually watch the entire video and even engage with it.

In some instances, you may want to keep your videos longer (up to 60 seconds), like a cooking video, as people are genuinely interested in watching the entire process.

3.    Repurpose Your TikTok Videos

You can repurpose your TikTok videos and share them as your Facebook Reels on your account. This is a great way to gain traction as you have already “tested” the content and know that it will perform great among Facebook users.

Pick the top-performing TikTok videos that TikTok users loved, and most probably than not, your Facebook audience will also love those videos and help you grow your Facebook page too.

4.    Be Experimental

Will your audience like a different style of video? Will they resonate with it? Or will they find it too weird?

All these questions may prevent you from being your own unique self. Of course, it can be a bit “scary” to be your true self or try a unique style of videos when so many people are watching.

You should be experimental with your videos. Try a unique theme or style and keep changing them from time to time. This will help you find what kinds of Facebook Reels work best for you and attract a wider audience.

5.    Keep an Eye on the Analytics

While experimenting, don’t forget to keep an eye on your analytics. The built-in analytics will tell you which Facebook Reels are performing the best and which are not.

They are ideal for evaluating the preferences of your Facebook audience. If you see that a particular kind of Facebook Reel isn’t liked by many and there’s almost no engagement, you should stop wasting your time and effort on such videos.

Instead, create similar style/theme videos that get a lot of traction from the audience. This way, you will keep attracting the right audience to your Facebook Reels.

6.    Use Trending Music or Audio

Using trending music or audio in your Facebook Reels will instantly capture the audience’s attention. Before using trending music, you can also look at what kind of video other content creators make on the audio.

This way, you will be relevant and even grab the attention of a wider audience with catchy, trending music.

7.    Collaborate With Other Creators

Find people with the same audience as yours and get in touch with them. You may get featured in one of their Facebook Reels or film videos with them together.

Collaborating is a great way for cross-promotion. For example, they will be able to promote you in front of their audience, and you will be able to promote them in front of your audience.

This way, you will be able to attract a new audience to your page and make yourself known.

8.    Post at Optimal Times

There’s no set optimal time to post your Facebook Reels that applies to everyone. It’s different for everyone.

You should assess your optimal time to post, as this will allow you to present your reels to an active audience who will engage with your content. Otherwise, what’s the use of uploading reels when your audience doesn’t watch them?

Keep experimenting at different times and also keep an eye on the analytics. After going through some trials and errors, your analytics will tell you when your audience engages the most with your Facebook Reels.

Post your reels at that time and attract a wider audience by leveraging the potential of this feature to the fullest!