Mark Zuckerberg is About to Revolutionize Facebook

By  //  March 8, 2023

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Mark Zuckerberg is one of the smartest men on the planet, one of the richest, and one of the most cunning. He has managed to build multiple social media empires – Facebook (Meta) and Instagram, although he bought Instagram – to amount to a current net worth of $62.3 billion.

People might not know he also owns WhatsApp, Oculus VR, and Beluga, to name but a few. He actually owns 94 companies in total, making him a multinational technology conglomerate that you could say knows a thing or two when it comes to technology. 

Lately, he has been investing time into Facebook, his first baby, to help boost active monthly users. Let’s explore what he’s been up to and how it’ll affect anyone with an active Facebook account.

Turning Facebook Into Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are in a constant battle for who has the most monthly active users, and often, it’s Facebook. Facebook currently has 2.9 billion active users. That begs the question, why does anything have to change? It’s part of his self-declared year of efficiency, wanting to integrate systems between the major apps he owns – WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook – the create a more seamless experience. 

That will benefit both business and personal use – with users already enjoying multiple features, such as sharing and storing photos across both platforms. When you upload a story or post to Instagram, you now have the option to upload it to Facebook and download them to use as you wish. That then enhances other features. There are platforms – like a photo book maker – where users to download images across both platforms to create personalized photo books. Facebook already works seamlessly with so many different platforms outside of social media.

Creating Artificial Intelligence Personas

Artificial Intelligence (AI) personas are one of Zuckerberg’s latest initiatives in his attempt to keep up with the AI boom – particularly his rival, ChatGPT. He plans to create a new product group that integrates what’s hailed as generative AI. We’re still very much in the dark about what Zuckerberg plans to do with AI. He has simply said that he plans on using it to create ‘delightful experiences around this technology’ – what that means is yet to be seen, but the power of AI is spreading through the social media world and beyond. He has hinted that it will involve new Instagram filters and Facebook chat tools.

New Facebook Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm is said to be watching us at all times. It’s spooky when you think about something or talk about a topic and then find it on your news feed – are they truly listening to us? Who knows. What Zuckerberg does say, however, is that he is going to introduce new algorithms that protect users from fake news and abuse, something he hasn’t successfully been able to do yet, although he has made strides. The new 2023 updates should see more protection for its users; and better-personalized news feeds.

The apps we use are constantly evolving. The user experience is at the heart of all the changes made, and compared to five years ago, the experience is totally different. Fuelled by new advances in technology, such as AI, we’re entering a new era of social media and beyond.