Enjoying a Trip to Canada from Florida Made Even Easier in 2023

By  //  November 16, 2023

For much of the year, any of Canada’s provinces couldn’t be more different than the state of Florida.

A few summer months in the southern regions might align somewhat, but the differences are more than apparent despite the nations bordering one another. Funnily enough, in 2021, headlines sought to spark the debate of which Canadian province was “the Florida of Canada”.

In any case, Canada’s provinces can have everything you want if you’re looking for a change of scenery for a vacation or even a long weekend getaway. So, it’s good to know that several new airline routes were added this year to connect Florida’s airports to Canada’s top destinations. Best of all, it only takes a few hours to get there!

Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale add flights to Canada

Whether you’re flying out from Orlando or West Palm Beach, getting to Canada on a non-stop flight takes approximately three hours. For a short getaway, that’s right on the limit of how long an average traveller would want to fly. Luckily, there are plenty of options for flight times, especially with more connections added in 2023, including new flights from Fort Lauderdale.

Low-cost airline Porter Airlines has added a daily non-stop flight from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto, which lands at 11h55, as well as one to Ottawa. The flights to the Canadian capital touch down at around 19h50 daily. The same airline expanded with five more routes from across the state. These extra flights depart Miami and Orland, landing at Ottawa International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Why take a trip to Canada from Florida

Canada is often joked about in the States for having a very different outlook on many key issues. Still, that doesn’t detract from the incredible landscapes, bustling cities, and ample entertainment options. No matter if you are a Lightning or a Panthers fan, visiting a stadium on NHL game night is a must when in Canada. The fandom there is truly something to behold.

Whether staying in a lavish hotel or booking a budget vacation through Airbnb, plenty of entertainment options are available online. Not only do the streaming services have different libraries, but unlike in Florida, visitors and locals can play at new casinos online. Some of the best online casinos globally, like Lucky Start or Barz Casino, have set up shop in Canada, boasting popular slots, live casino games, and welcome offers.

While there will always be downtime to put your feet up, you’ll want to explore to the fullest during your stay in Canada. Hit the open waters in summer and do some whale watching, or brave the winter to visit some Ontarian cultural hotspots, like the Toronto Zoo, the Hockey Hall of Fame, or the Ontario Science Centre. Best of all, drinks, fast food, and restaurants are much cheaper than in Florida.

Canada offers an incredible opportunity to experience some starkly different scenery, cheaper nights out, and lots of fun overall. And it’s easier than ever to fly from major cities in Florida. So, why wait? Pack your bags and embark on a thrilling adventure up north.