YOUR OPINION: What’s In a Brand? Everything.

By  //  July 24, 2013

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Space Coast or Cocoa Beach?

ABOVE VIDEO:  The Space Coast newest attraction video promotes the many attractions here on the Space Coast, and created by the Space Coast Office of Tourism.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA — What’s in a brand? Everything. Private business is savvy to it, and so is the Brevard County Tourism Development Council.

opinion-180TDC is considering an area-wide promotional name change from “Space Coast” – but to what?

Thoughtful boosters are on both sides of the issue: Those who want to leave it alone, and others who recognize that Cocoa Beach is the principal driver in the county’s tourism economy.

Residents and officials in Cocoa Beach, led by Mayor Dave Netterstrom, want some respect. Who can blame them?

After all, Cocoa Beach already ships most of its bed taxes to county government, then has to genuflect to mainland politicians and government bureaucrats to get some of it back in the form of advertising. It’s redistribution of the city’s tax base, and both businesses and residents want to see it fixed. Recognition in the form of a name change is, literally, the least the county can do.

Undeniably, the largest block of tourists to Brevard are coming to Cocoa Beach. And the county’s target tourism demographic is seeking recreation and relaxation, more so than rockets.

Great beaches, one of the world’s largest coastal estuaries, and bustling ecotourism opportunities … that’s Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast.

Mark Clancey
Mark Clancey

One name promotes both the natural resources and heritage of the area:

Mark Clancey is a local political observer and free lance writer. He lives in Cocoa Beach with his wife Darcie.