The Best Gaming Applications of All Time

By  //  January 28, 2020

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Rapid technological advancements in the 21st century have made it possible for gamers to enjoy a variety of games online.

Rapid technological advancements in the 21st century have made it possible for gamers to enjoy a variety of games online.

From multiplayer online gaming to virtual reality and cloud gaming, games have become more than just consoles; they have become a big part of our lifestyles.

Gone are the days one needed a console or a high-performing PC to enjoy gaming; you can now use your smartphone to enjoy hundreds if not thousands of games. With a click, it’s easy to download or log into a site and enjoy your favorite games.

Below is a list of the best gaming applications that have created great entertainment over the past couple of years.

Adventure and Action Games

Adventure games have become increasingly popular over the years. These games give you the chance to embark on high-octane adventures and save the day. Technological advancements have made it possible to experience adventure games in 3D visuals, high-quality soundtracks as well as smooth, suspense-filled gameplays.

Action games usually come with lengthy storylines to keep you engaged for days, if not weeks. Depending on your preferred genre, you can select from country adventures, horror-themed storylines, ancient war, or even secret missions as part of a highly trained military team.

The options are plentiful and are interesting enough to glue you to your smartphone or preferred gaming device for hours.

Racing and Sporting Games

Because not all of us can be professional athletes, having the chance to play and experience the thrill of participating in virtual sporting tournaments is one that many people take with open arms.

Games like Asphalt, Fifa, and PES have shaped the past decade, giving players the chance to compete and challenge for trophies.

Even better, technological advancements have made the games more realistic because of improved graphics that resemble actual sporting environments. Sporting games are likely to become more prominent as we enter the age of virtual reality in gaming.

Improvements can be noted in sporting games over the years as the players and fans have become more realistic, thus giving gamers a one-of-a-kind sporting experience. 

Online Casino and Sports Betting       

The era of technology has transformed the gaming arena. Not only do gamers get the chance to play exhilarating games online, but they also get to make real cash through gclub and sports betting sites.

Instead of idling on the couch or playing games that add little value, people can log in to online casinos and participate in the various games offered.

From blackjack to slot games, baccarat, poker, craps, bingo, and roulette, you can participate in several online games and stand a chance to walk away with real cash, provided you register on legitimate online casinos.

Technology has also helped online casinos develop world-class encryption and cybersecurity in efforts to protect clients from online theft.

Sports betting companies have come up with a variety of virtual betting games that can help you make money during your idle time.

Arcade Games

The age of the Internet has transformed the gameplay of arcade games, allowing you to play legendary games like Minecraft, Pac-Man, and Q-Bert in the comfort of your home through your smartphone or PC.

Through tech advancements, the games have better interfaces and new storylines that make the adventures more thrilling and worth the experience. You can play with several friends online without having to be at the same physical location. The multiplayer servers also allow you to socialize with other players and discuss strategies.

You also get the chance to adjust the gameplay settings while playing online, which is pretty cool! Some classic arcade games allow you to use compatible devices like USB guns to create a real-life arcade experience while in the comfort of your home.

Strategy Games

Have you tried playing chess or Scrabble online? If not, then newsflash, you are behind time! You can play a host of board games and other strategy games online, and with relative ease. These games require you to use your brain muscles and find ways to get yourself out of trouble or tricky situations.

The best part about strategy game applications is that they allow for multiplayer settings, provided you have a steady Internet connection. You can test your skills with random people across the world to know if you are genuinely good enough.

Strategy games with intense graphics are becoming increasingly popular. You can play modern games like Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and The Escapists, all of which come with superior graphics to keep you entertained throughout the game.

Educational Games and Puzzles

Luckily, developers always keep children in mind. Granted, your child shouldn’t play some blood-spilling, throat-slitting action games. Educational games serve them much better. And what better game to play than one that educates them?

There are several educational games to select, ranging from puzzles to counting and even naming games. The availability of a large variety of educational games gives you the freedom to choose games that will both entertain and educate your little one.

Card Games

Who said that card games could only be played physically or through your PC? Thanks to technology, you can play cards through your phone or tablet. There are a host of card apps that have emerged over the years to give you authentic gaming experiences.

Some popular card games include exploding kittens and poker, among other options.

Simulation Games

Technology has finally brought us to a time when simulation games make you feel somewhat like you are participating in a real-life situation, not just a game. You can play as a pilot in a cockpit, cruising through the clouds, or perform the role of a captain navigating the waves of the oceans.

Simulation games have become increasingly popular, and the inclusion of virtual reality will only serve to increase the demand for such games.

As can be seen from the above gaming apps, the gaming industry is here to stay and will likely experience exponential growth in the coming years. With developers looking to outplay and outperform each other, the future of the gaming industry looks super bright.