Viable Ways to Get More Website Traffic

By  //  January 11, 2021

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When it comes to internet marketing, a functional website is the bone and flesh of it all. However, the profitability and success of a website will largely be determined by the amount of traffic flowing therein. If you want to get more website traffic, here are some viable ways you should know of.

Use Online Press Release 

Also known as eReleases, press releases can be an incredible tool to make sure your business or new product is known to the world. All you have to do is choose a reliable “press release distribution” strategy and you are good to go.

Using a good eRelease writing and submission service, you can ensure that your press release reaches a wider audience across different platforms online.

Your press release is submitted to some of the most influential bloggers, journalists, media houses, and social media influencers to maximize viewership. Eventually, this will trickle back down to increased traffic to your website.

Get Social 

Let’s be practical here, between your TV and your Smartphone, which gadget do you give the most attention to? That is enough to tell you that the rest of the people have almost the same answer to the same questions as a business.

We all are addicted to our phones nowadays, and it is evident that our lives revolve around social media. In that case, use social media channels to promote your content. You can do an online survey to find out where most of your target audiences are found, and with that, it will be easier for you to reach them.

Make Promo Videos for Any Business

Leverage Online Ads 

Have you ever been walking around the streets and you come across something that made you so curious that the next thing you do is go on the internet to find out more about it? When you take the step to visit their website, it creates traffic on their website. Advertising is among the easiest ways to make your business known in the industry.

Now that paid ads are a common option on social media and search marketing, you have a high chance of attracting new clients daily. Advertising raises the levels of curiosity and makes people want to know more about your products and services. Find online ad strategies that will suit your goals as you increase conversions.

Link Your Accounts 

When creating a website, you wish that whoever visits your page goes through most of what has been posted there. And how do you make your audience do that? Have a strong internal linking structure that makes them move from one space to another by creating internal links. Despite this being advantageous to your website, it makes it a comfortable experience for one to maneuver through your content. Your main aim is to increase traffic on your pages.

Make Sure Your Site Is Responsive 

There are some sites where you visit, and you drop a few inquiries, and no one has ever gotten back to you. Or else, if they did, you had already lost interest in whatever it was.

Well, audiences love to feel appreciated, and that is enough for them to come back again and again. Do not let your audience go else by acting too busy to attend to their needs since most browsing is done on the phone today. Make your website mobile-friendly and above all, make it viewable across a wide range of devices.

Speedy Site 

What happens when you load a page, and all you have to do is take a power nap for it to open? Your interest drops to zero, and the bounce rate hits a hundred real quick. When creating your website, make sure that it is optimized technically to avoid wasting time when loading.

Ensure that despite the fast loading rate for your page, you take care of image file sizes, page structure, and third-party plugins functionality. These are just a few factors that could impede the effectiveness and loading speed of your website pages. You might also want to make your site easy to navigate. Do not by any chance give your audience a second thought of moving to another site.

Evergreen Content 

This is the winning strategy for growing your online audience. Give fresh, clean, and unique content every time. That will raise the audience’s curiosity, and if you want to attract new customers, you have to be consistent in your posts.

The more content you provide, the more visibility you get on Google. Use keywords specific to your industry to boost your content and viewership. However, do not exaggerate the keywords. According to research, they can be a turnoff to your audience. Target long-tail keywords have accounted for a majority of web searches.  

Write Irresistible Headings 

While you feel lazy in the house and feel the need to top up some knowledge by reading a book, what makes you pick book A and not B or C? Well, the answer is simple, the book title! When the title is too plain, even the most comprehensive blog will go unread. Why would you even waste time investing in an article that will go unappreciated?

In your website, master the art of headline writing, and you will win your audiences. This means using catchy and compelling headlines for your content as well as the landing pages. Titles will be much more effective in attracting an audience if the right keywords are included. Including the right keywords in titles will also help enrich other aspects of SEO, including how search engine bots crawl and index your site.

Embrace Video Marketing 

Videos are a great way to reach an audience these days. As opposed to a few years back when the only way to showcase your business using video was through TV commercials, the options are limitless these days.

For starters, you can leverage the power and popularity of YouTube. Depending on the kind of your business, the opportunity is yours for the taking through sites like Vimeo, TicToc, Likee, and so forth.

These can help put your business out there in front of a global audience within not so long. All you have to do is supply a link to your website in the description or comments so interested viewers can follow to learn more about you or your business.

Having a website live is one thing, but getting it to generate income is absolutely another. Among other things, you will need a stream of users perusing your site as they discover what you have in store for them. With the above few tips, you can be sure to upscale your traffic a notch higher in not so long.