State Rep. Randy Fine Thanks Gov. Ron DeSantis For Executive Order in Support of Parents Bill of Rights, Criticizes Local School Board

By  //  July 30, 2021

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ABOVE VIDEO: State Representative Randy Fine addresses “Mask mandates, vaccines, and virtue signaling charlatans”

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – State Representative Randy Fine thanked Gov. Ron DeSantis for his proactive approach by signing an Executive Order to curb any current or future mask mandates for school aged children levied by School Boards across the state.

“The Executive Order is based on the Parents Bill of Rights I was proud to co-sponsor and vote for both in committee and on the House Floor,” said State Rep. Randy Fine.

Rep. Fine mentioned in his Facebook Live that he was ‘disgusted’ and ‘outraged’ over Thursday’s request School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins by the Brevard County School Board.

“We are suffering from a worse disease than COVID in Brevard County and it is virtue signaling charlatanism. It was on no greater display than last night at the Brevard County School Board. You’ve got frauds working in our local government. Last night, you had a School Board Member (Jennifer Jenkins, District 3), who had the audacity to advocate for a mask mandate and to say that it is not “not safe for people to not be wearing masks” and that the CDC demands we wear masks….while she was not wearing a mask.”

Rep. Fine continued on by taking direct shots at the Brevard Democrat Party for similar action after the group gathered inside the Brevard County Commissions Chamber advocating for masks.

“The night before the School Board meeting, the Brevard Democratic Party gathered enclosed quarters in the Brevard County Commission chambers to talk about mask mandates and COVID to demand your children wear masks, yet none of them were wearing mask themselves.”

The School Board did not take an official vote on a mask mandate. However, the School Board did take a vote on whether to schedule a Special Meeting to revisit the mask mandate. The Board voted 3-2 to not revisit the issue and will keep the same policy set in May that children have the option to wear masks, but will not be required to wear masks.

Jennifer Jenkins (District 3) and Cheryl McDougall (District 2) voted in favor of Special Meeting to discuss imposing a mask mandate, while Matt Susin (District 4) Katye Campbell (District 5) and Misty Belfort (District 1) voted no to a Special Meeting.

Lastly, Rep. Fine addressed the concern by some in the community after he released School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins phone number.

“This School Board Member (Jenkins) had the audacity to complain about me sharing her phone number. This is how you know the elitism among these folks. This same politician shared her phone number, publicly, when she was running for office.  I guess when you are trying to get votes its ‘ok’ to give people your number, but once you get elected you are not going troubled into talking to the peasants. Google her and you will find that number. If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.”