How to Wear a Fedora Hat with Élan – Tips for the Stylish Gentleman

By  //  November 14, 2021

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A Fedora hat, now seen as one of the most fashionable personal accessories for men, shot into the limelight as a feminine hat but with masculine undertones when Sarah Bernhardt, played the role of Princess Fédora Romanoff on the stage production “Fédora”.

The stylish hat with a crease in the center caused ripples was named after the drama. It was initially popular as a fashion statement for women’s rights activists, according to History of Hats. However, fashion-forward men also adopted it, inspired by the example set by luminaries like Oscar Wilde, Prince Edward VIII besides numerous Hollywood stars like Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, and Frank Sinatra.

The Fedora remains a classic accessory for both men and women of discerning taste. Learning how to wear the Fedora correctly and on the right occasions can prevent you from embarrassing faux pas.

Fedoras Spell Class

Although utilitarian, Fedora hats are at the end of the day, dress hats that you wear to look smart and fashionable. A classy fashion statement, you need to wear them right to give the right impression about yourself. Men will invariably want to pair it with a formal suit and tie at formal occasions like weddings, balls, upscale parties, black tie events, or fancy social gatherings like the races. Generally a hat for formal occasions, you can also wear a straw Fedora with a nice pair of jeans at informal get-togethers at a beach club or a poolside party.

While it looks great with a pair of jeans and a shirt with a collar, you will draw the wrong kind of attention if you wear it with a T-shirt. Fedoras are supposed to show your forward outlook, so there’s nothing to say that you can’t break the dress code as long as you can carry it off stylishly.  

Wear the Fedora Correctly

Regardless of whether you are planning to wear your straw fedora hat at a formal event or a casual do, you must know how to wear it correctly. You must pay attention to the fit because the hat should not be too big and droop on your forehead. The best fit is when it sits above your ears and the center of your forehead. Try tilting the Fedora slightly to one side to see if the look suits you, else wear it centered and straight, which always works.

It is also important that you match the hat to your clothes and ensure that it does not overpower them. A wool Fedora with a band goes very well with a tailored suit, while if you are sporting a tuxedo, you might want to consider a fur or felt Fedora.

If you are wearing a light-colored suit, wear a black Fedora for the maximum impact, however, you must pay heed to your sense of style and color when matching your Fedora hat to your clothes. If you do not want to buy Fedoras in different colors to match your suits, choosing a gray Fedora can be a good thing as it tends to go well with almost all dark-colored suits.

Straw Fedora hats are all the rage nowadays because they go very well with outfits of all kinds. While they are available in many colors, choosing natural colors will ensure you have an extended choice of clothes to pair them with. Do keep in mind that these are merely suggestions and you must let your personality and sense of style dictate what type of a Fedora to wear.

Fedora Hat Styles

If you are a hat person, you will know that there are many variants of Fedora hats. Typically, felt, wool, and straw are the most popular materials for Fedora hats. Which one you should wear depends on factors, like the kind of occasion, your outfit, and the climate.

A straw fedora is ideal if you are in a warm climate because the ventilation provided by the weave keeps the head cooler during the humid summer months. Conversely, in a cold place, you will be more comfortable in a wool Fedora. There is also a trend of wearing leather Fedora hats by the urbanites, but it may be over the top for most people.

The brim size also plays an important role in your appearance. A wide-brim Fedora gives you the classic look and also the best sun protection. It is also a great style to adopt if you have a thin or egg-shaped face as it acts to balance out your elongated features. A short brim fedora, often mistaken for a trilby that typically has a shorter brim, is good for people with small heads.


Choosing a Fedora hat may seem complex, and indeed while there are many things to consider, it is hardly rocket science. When buying a fedora, it is a good idea to browse as many models as possible, figure out which ones look the best on you, and buy the one you think you can carry off comfortably.