Dr. John DenBoer: Top 10 Sports Neuropsychologists

By  //  September 15, 2022

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The field of sports Neuropsychology is an area within Clinical Neuropsychology. This subfield focuses on improving the performance of athletes on the field. However, it also addresses off-the-field brain-related factors that impact the performance of athletes (e.g., ADHD/LD).

Main specialty areas include concussion assessment, on-field neuropsychological testing, diagnosis, management/intervention, and counseling of athletes and families.

 As with all therapists, a perfect match must be found between the client(s) and the Performance Improvement Team.

This is Dr John DenBoer take on the list of Top 10 Sports Neuropsychologists (in no particular order):

1. Tim Gallwey

Based on Wikipedia: W. Timothy Gallwey (born 1938 in San Francisco) is a Harvard-trained author (captain of the Harvard tennis team!) He has written several books outlining the methodology of coaching and the growth of professional and personal excellence in various areas that he refers to as “the Inner Game.” 

2. John DenBoer

Based on his bio as per his bio. According to his biography, his doctor, Dr. John DenBoer, is a specialist in providing mental performance training for athletes (with a particular focus on ball sport players such as tennis and baseball). He completed his internship with the VA Boston Healthcare System and finished his postdoctoral research with Barrow Neurological Institute. Barrow Neurological Institute. 

The researcher has written various papers in Clinical Neuropsychology and Sports Neuropsychology and is a sought-after speaker at many local and international conferences.

He has been associated with many high-quality sports organizations like the USOC and ATP/WTA tours, NCAA, MLB, NBA, and the NFL. He is a USPTA-Elite and PTR Teaching Professional. He is an expert in developing tennis players and assists them in attaining their goals in the college tennis league.

3. Coleman Griffith Bio by Dr John DenBoer

As per Wikipedia, The Father of Modern Sports Psychology, Coleman Roberts Griffith (May 22, 1893 – February 7 June 1967), was an American sports psychologist. Griffith was a student at Greenville College until 1915, after which he pursued a psychology degree at the University of Illinois. Griffith set up what he claimed was the world’s first sports psychology lab in the United States when he was at the University of Illinois.

Griffith was closely associated in conjunction with the University of Illinois football team at the time to study how variables like psychomotor capabilities and personality factors influenced the performance of athletes and their learning abilities. Due to financial constraints, Research in Athletics Laboratory Research in Athletics Laboratory was eventually shut down. This led Griffith to become a sports psychologist for the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

4. Robert Nideffer

Dr John DenBoer did research on and found Professor. Robert Nideffer is the creator of Enhanced Performance Systems. He’s written numerous sports psychology books and authored more than 100 research papers. The first of his books, The Inner Athlete, was published in 1976. He also wrote the book Psych to win. The author also composed The Ethics and Practice of Applied Sports Psychology. 

5. Jim Loehr

Dr. Jim Loehr is an internationally renowned performance psychologist and the author of sixteen books, including his most recent book, The Only Way to Win. He was also the co-author of the national best-selling The Power of Full Engagement.

Dr. Loehr’s revolutionary, scientific-based energy management system of training has been recognized worldwide. It has been featured in a variety of national publications like those the Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Fortune, Newsweek, Time, US News and World Report, Success, Fast Company, and Omni. 

6. Ken Ravizza

Dr. Ken Ravizza devoted his life to researching, studying, and teaching the art of mental performance to coaches, athletes, and other potential sports psychologists worldwide. When he died, Dr. Ravizza was working on the compilation of essential resources that were used over the course of his long career of more than 40 years.

7. Bob Rotella

A specialist in the field that is professional golf, Rotella is a golf coach who has assisted hundreds of players in achieving their best performance when playing golf.

8. Paul McKenna

According to Wikipedia, he was born on November 8, 1963. Paul is a British scientist, behavioral psychologist, hypnotist, TV and radio broadcaster, and the author of self-help guides.

McKenna wrote and edited books and multimedia materials, hosted self-improvement TV shows, and gave seminars on hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and weight loss motivation, and meditation. Zen practice of meditation. The Big Mind and Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy (ADT) which is also called Havening Techniques

9. Robert Forzoni

Roberto is a peak performance coach. He is a specialist in helping people and teams reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Roberto has a wealth of knowledge of soccer and football. As an ex-player, coach, and manager, he knows the particular culture and requirements to achieve high standards of excellence on an ongoing basis in a very stressful and chaotic context.

He also knows the personal challenges that accompany the achievement. The outcome he has achieved through his involvement with International athletes, World and Olympic Champions is outstanding. He has built a top image as one of the most renowned performers in the field due to his vast experience working in the football industry with teams, managers, and players.

He is a graduate of his MSc (distinction) in Sport Sciences. He has studied various positive psychology techniques, such as Solution Focussed Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, counseling, and NLP techniques.

10. Daria Abramowicz

Working with Iga Swiatek, a professional tennis player Daria has also collaborated with The Polish National Cycling Team and other professional sports organizations predominantly in Poland.