By  //  March 10, 2013

Dental Occlusion is the contact between your teeth when you close your jaw.

When this is out of balance, it leads to tooth and jaw pain, night-time teeth grinding, neck pain & headaches and excessive wear on your teeth.

Modern dentistry can correct a bad occlusion and bring your teeth into balance again. But the first step is discovering exactly which teeth need attention and to what degree. The old method involves the equivalent of carbon paper to “record” the bite but there’s a lot it can’t capture.

Dr Patel uses the latest technological tools – in this case the T-Scan Bite Analysis System.

The T-Scan system from Tekscan is a hand-held device that connects to the dentist’s computer. You bite down on the thin sensor and the computer records your bite – including all movements – and provides the doctor with a series of images and graphs showing exactly what’s happening. With this wealth of information, Dr Patel can design a personlized treatment to correct your bite and free you from pain.