BPN Supports Brevard Charities

By  //  February 19, 2012

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ABOVE: The Health First Ball Committee includes, back row, left to right – Bella Mollica-Vazquez, Dina Brown, Cathy Johnson, Connie Feldman, Adrienne Chandler and Valerie Holloway. Front row, left to right – Polly Molnar, Brenda Radke (Underwriting Committee Chair), Jerri Figueroa (Ball Committee Chair), Darcia Jones Francey. (Images courtesy of the Health First Foundation)
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SPACE COAST MEDICINE MAGAZINE — Brevard Physicians Network is an Independent Practice Association consisting of approximately 300 physicians representing all medical and geographical coverage in Brevard County, Florida and is an organization whose leadership helps several charitable organizations in Brevard County through out the year. 

“BPN allows physicians to be freed from the ever-growing administrative tasks brought on by the continually changing and complex payer requirements and our Board also firmly believes in  helping our community’s charitable organizations as much as possible,” said BPN CEO Brenda Radke.

On Saturday evening, April 14,  BPN leadership is doing just that by helping with the 30th Annual Health First Foundation Benefit Ball, which will be held at the Clemente Center at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne.

This year’s Annual Ball will benefit The Trauma Center at Holmes Regional Medical Center and the Emergency Departments at all four Health First hospitals.

ABOVE: Holmes Regional Medical Center Trauma Physicians and Staff include, back row, left to right – Dr. Edgar Figueroa, Trauma Physician; Tammy Clemens, Trauma Program Manager; and Mark Clemens, Director of Clinical Nursing Case Management, First Flight. Front row, left to right – Dr. Marty Brown, Emergency Department Chair; Dr. Peter Pappas, Trauma Physician; and Dr. Ernest Block, Trauma Medical Director

The specific focus will be on advancing the use of Telemedicine in trauma and emergency care.

“This type of event takes a great deal of hard work and dedication from important volunteers and in advance of the Ball, I would like to recognize and thank our wonderful Benefit Ball Committee of Bella Mollica-Vazquez, Dina Brown, Cathy Johnson, Connie Feldman, Adrienne Chandler, Valerie Holloway, Polly Molnar, Jerri Figueroa (Chair) and Darcia Jones Francey” said Radke.

“I would also like to thank in advance the members of our Underwriting Committee who are Linda Brombacher, Kris Drake, Judy Kraftchick and Anna Palermo” said Radke.

ABOVE: The Underwriting Committee includes, back row, left to right – Brenda Radke (Underwriting Committee Chair), Linda Brombacher and Kris Drake. Front row, left to right – Judy Kraftchick and Anna Palermo. Not Pictured: Terri Anderson and Glad Kurian.

“I am very proud to Chair this committee, as being involved in such a worthwhile cause is very satisfying, knowing that we are helping very important hospital trauma centers” said Radke.

“Having participated at many of last year’s fundraisers, like the “Grape Escape,  I have witnessed how generous our community is, so I am sure that this event will be another terrific fundraiser to benefit our community” said Radke.

The BPN staff reports to a seven-member board composed of local physicians.

A three-person executive committee, consisting of local administrators from large medical groups, helps the Network develop best practices.

BPN currently manages 35 different insurance contracts.

Network members have the option of accepting all 35, or picking and choosing those that best suit their practice’s needs.

For patients and physicians traveling through the maze of today’s healthcare, Brevard Physicians Network is a guide to lead the way and is also a great help to local charities.

“It’s a win-win situation for all involved,” said Radke.

For more information on the Health First Ball visit the website at Health-First.org/foundation

For more information on Brevard Physicians Network visit BPNipa.com


  1. I really don’t know who or where to contact anyone as I have tried to get help before and I am new to Florida, I have a case pending for disability and have been run around and miss guided in for different states and over the course of five years. I was just recently turned down yet again and have to appeal the decission. I have lost everything I own because my injuries have left me unable to work along with my circomstance of losing everything I own. I have nothing and only one friend here in Florida as I am not an intelligent woman I am growing increasingly more depressed and not suicidal but have nothing to live for any longer and find it difficult to keep going. I am not looking for hand outs as I have worked all my life since I was 12 and am a prideful woman and would love to work if I could get medical attention and be fixed. I am not a drug addict, I had medical coverage in Missouri where I moved from but was homeless and had no way to support myself as my situation has been much the same here in Florida, I don’t know where to turn or who to call one call leads me to another to another and the same with the websites. My health is deteriating more everyday my pain is becoming so unbearable I fear for my mental health is suffering. I am not looking for pain med. as some of my big issues are I am supposed to have an inhailer for asthma and cant afford a Dr. here to prescribe it I ama also suppose to be on thyroid med. and vit. B inj. I have not been on my meds in almost a year and was wondering if your office might know of any charitable agencies in the Brevard Co. area as I am homeless but stay with a friend when the elements get too demanding if you could please leave an answer for me I would greatly appreciate it. If you can not or do not have the time or resource I do appologize for you time. Sincerely desperate, Karla Jacobs.

  2. Karla — Deny Lammardo may be able to point you in the right direction. She does a lot of work with homeless veterans and is a nurse who has extensive knowledge of local resources. Her number is 321-216-6616.

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