YOUR OPINION: Gun Control Hot Topic On Space Coast

By  //  March 22, 2013

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This video was submitted by reader/viewer Dan Nichoalds stating, “Imagine, there IS someone in America who uses common sense when he speaks! I couldn’t have said it better myself, so please accept this video link as my perspective on gun control.” is a non-partisan platform for all to express thoughtful and respectful interchange. If you would like to send us a video as a perspective/opinion submission, please e-mail to


  1. With what we’ve seen from the Administration’s and its Department of Justice’s understanding and basic knowledge of the constitution in the past four years, a “virtual” POTUS programmed to protect and enforce the principles and laws that are clearly enumerated in the constitution would be far superior.

    The present assault by Obama and his minions on the constitution is dominated by political narrative that ignores the rule of law, good judgement and common sense in order to further the control of government in our lives as an inherent platform of their secular progressive socialism.

  2. Bunch of whiny cry babies. Learn to adapt to a changing world. Common sense? Why not arm everyone then with assault weapons used by soldiers in battle? Kindergartners? Yep them too. Spare no one just keep arming up until everyone is packing. We all long for a return to the Wild West, right Giles? Isn’t that common sense? If I don’t like the BS you’re throwing out there lets shoot it out in the street using our AK 47s. Forget the civilized world, your common sense tells you everyone needs a machine gun, even if they are in Pre-K. And please Dr. (?) Palermo enlighten me how this administration did anything different from the last one which shoved Iraq and those WMDs down our throat. Conservatism does not work and its fan base is eroding because of hair-brained attacks upon common sense. Please enjoy the next four years, courtesy of all the sensible American people. Now back to your assault weapon stockpiling….

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