Obsessed With Crypto Then Visit These 7 Crypto Theme Restaurants

By  //  April 11, 2022

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Some people think that the whole world’s financial and economic system could be in danger because of the rise in big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the last few years. In fact, even the world’s most powerful institutions are already using digital currencies to pay for things. They’re also taking steps to make sure that people who invest in them aren’t going to be hurt. Here you need to read about Bitcoin wallet.

A lot of people around the world now use big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to buy things like food. Just a small part of what people are using: Theme restaurants and hotels are becoming more common. Cryptocurrency-themed restaurants and hotels are becoming more common.

As more people want to pay with digital currencies, more restaurants and cafes are putting dishes on their menus named after some of the most popular ones. From all over the world, we’ve made a list of the best places to eat that use crypto.

1. Welly’s

Shiba Inu is the theme of a burger shop called Welly’s in Naples, Italy. It is the first of its kind to have this as its main theme. To start, Satoshi Kusama, who made the game, said that his company wants to spread the SHIB chain all over. This is the chain’s first time in real life! The goal is to get Shiba Inu into the mainstream and connect with people from all over the world by making a SHIB-themed meal that people can eat.

2. Crypto Street Restaurant

Clearwater Beach, Florida, has a new restaurant called Crypto Street Restaurant that wants to get more people interested in cryptocurrency. The restaurant is called Crypto Street Restaurant. People who love crypto will enjoy items like “crypto-Cuban” sandwiches, “nutty-protocol” salad, “Defi caesar” salad, and “Shiba shrimp” drinks on the menu. They are named to appeal to people who like crypto. Dogecoin fan Elon Musk’s comments and a rocket to the moon are on the walls of this place to get food.

3. Voosh

Menu items with a coin theme have also been added to the Indian restaurant “Voshmenu. The company has renamed it “Crypto Chai by Voosh” to make it more appealing to people who are interested in cryptocurrency. Voosh’s work in India has attracted crypto fans from India. In addition to Bitcoin Masala Oats and Smart Contract Poha, there are also Chicken Tikka Crypto Samosa and more tasty treats.

4. Doge Burger

At a new restaurant in Dubai called Doge Burger, you can order your food through a computer screen and pay with Dogecoins. In the United Arab Emirates, this is the first crypto-themed restaurant. People should know about it so they can eat at it. Dogecoin is one of the coins that the eatery will accept for payment through its Instagram account. You can see it by going to the Instagram account, which is here. There are a lot of times when Doge Burger wants to get people in the United Arab Emirates to use cryptocurrencies.

5. Flyfish Club

This is the first restaurant in the world that doesn’t serve meat or fish. It’s called Flyfish Club. It opened in 2023. However, a lot of tech-savvy people around the world who like to eat out have already seen the restaurant’s concept and idea. You must show that you are a member of the NFT Flyfish Club if you are going to eat out. When they come in, they will have to show their membership card in order to get into the store.

6. The Lion’s Milk Coffeeshop

The Lion’s Milk Coffeeshop is one of the first places to show different NFT avatars both on screens and in the cafe itself. We hope the café will hold NFT-related events and accept cryptocurrency payments in-store, but we don’t know yet how. People who own NFTs from Fluffy Polar Bear were invited to its first-ever private event.

7. Piya

In Miami, there is going to be a restaurant boom like the one in NFT. Besides Oishi Thai, which opened in 2005, Chef Bee plans to open Miami’s first NFT restaurant. At Piya, which is still under construction, NFT holders will be able to dine in a private omakase room and host special events in a fast-casual space.


As more consumers prefer to pay with digital currencies, more restaurants and cafes are offering menus containing dishes named after some of the most popular digital currencies.